For us, it all started last year. The term “hash-tagging”. At first we thought it was silly and would never catch on… Then there was a surge. Mid-summer 2013 we both caught the itch and found that hashtags were quite helpful in finding awesome things on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. That’s when and where we first heard the term ‘Merica – Short for America obviously, but it was trending for sure. #MERICA was on every post that had red, white, blue, a flag, or a star… and people were loving it! That is exactly why we wanted to bring you our featured design when we opened up. The #MERICA tanks are perfect for the entire summer due to their subtle coloring, but will go perfect with your Uncle Sam Hat, Red Star Shaped Sunglasses, and cut-off shorts for the Fourth of July. We love this design and so have our customers. Go get yours ASAP. Shipping only takes a few days and each one is made specifically for each purchase. Get it in Mint, Coral, Black, or White… – We have onesies, children’s tees, and tanks. It’s worth the order if only for your awesome Instagram photo and hashtag this summer!

Happy Shopping!

Gwenie + Mel



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