Shop Small with SandiLake

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5 Benefits to Shopping Small:

  1. Did you know that small businesses employ 60% of your community?! AND they put back 80% of every dollar into your community!?
  2. When working with a small business, chances are you are going to be helped by the owner or someone who is in close contact with them. Every small business owner knows exactly how to help their customers and find what they are looking for. They are experts at their own product!
  3. Shopping locally is helping you’re community in many ways. You are keeping those companies from going out of business and supporting your friends and neighbors!
  4. You are allowing creative and artist talents to actually make a living off of their passions. Example: An avid fisherman opening a fly shop, or quilt shop on Etsy created by a seamstress who has sewn quilts for family members her whole life! Support the maker. 
  5. If your supporting an online business like us, you get to curl up with a cup of coffee and your laptop and shop different websites with tons of variety and personality. Shopping online is super convenient and there is no pressure to buy!

Thank you to all who have supported us from the beginning. We appreciate every single one of you!

xo, The  SandiLake Team


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