#Merica 2016


Since the beginning of SandiLake, part of our foundation has been tees that show our American Pride. Over the last few years, our #merica tee has been extremely popular. (Even before the design was copied and used by Target). Our #Merica Flag design first showed up in April of 2014, and in March of 2015 we released Merica Stars + Stripes.¬†When May of 2015 hit and a slew of press hit the #merica tank, with Target’s admitting their copy, we knew we had something going here. This month, February 2016, we just released our Merica 2016 and It’s A Party In The USA designs! When creating a “holiday” shirt, we like to keep in mind that you should be able to wear these for as long as possible. This is why, all the designs have a monochrome option for the minimalist, and easy pairing! Of course, this years designs are offered in a very colorful option as well. (which we are pumped about!) Every design is offered in sizes: Baby 3-6 Months through Kids: 12, and Adult Small through XL! Check all of them out HERE!





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