Let’s Go Outside.

Our world is insane. iPads, Tablets, Computers, iPhones, etc. You know this lecture well. And as a parent I’m sure you have struggled with setting limits, timers, and the dreaded “5 more minutes” line. Well folks, I have your solution….

“Let’s Go Outside.”

Do you remember? Have you forgotten? — The feeling of grass between your toes, fresh air breathing in and out as you biked your way through neighborhoods, mudpies squishing through your fingers? It’s a lost art. — Our kids know how to unlock our phones, find youtube videos, and film themselves with weird filters on snapchat, but they have never fed their parents a gourmet mudpie!

Yes, I know this isn’t every kid. — But, speaking from experience, it’s hard to be the “cool-outdoorsy-mom” and the “stay-at-home-online-business-owner mom.”

Here is some inspiration…

“Always On Vacay”

Photo Mar 18, 9 50 30 AM

“Lake Life” “Camp Life”


“Forever Adventurer”



“I’d Rather Be Boating”


“Stay Wild”

6060 copy

“Sun Your Bunz”


Snag a tee to remind you of your outdoor vibes, and your need to get your littles into the grass and playgrounds and out of their living rooms, and trust me, I’m taking a dose of my own medicine!


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