EASTER is on it’s way…

With Easter is on it’s way… SandiLake has come prepared with the perfect designs for you and your littles!
We absolutely love dressing your littles for some of the most important FIRSTS of their lives! While Easter dresses are pretty, they aren’t practical for littles running around and gathering Easter Eggs. Snag these to let your littles play, eat, and make messes!
Origami Bunny has been a customer favorite for many years. We offer this design in mint and coral ink on a gray or white unisex kid’s t-shirt. This tee pairs well with our Triangle Leggings.

SandiLake T-Shirt, SandiLake Leggings, Bannor Toys, Over the Ocean Hat and Shoes.
SomeBunny Loves You is another crowd fave that gets ordered all year round! Perfect for your Easter festivities and photos! We love seeing Mommy and Me matching pics that you tag us in! We offer this tee in kid and adult sizes! This design looks best on our unisex kid’s gray t-shirt with our matching Bunny Leggings <3.

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