It is SO important to set a good example for children around us. Spreading kindness and being an overall kind person can do wonders for our world right now. Being kind can be expressed in so many different ways. Giving a helping hand, complimenting random people you come across during your day, and being there for family and friends are just a few things we can do to spread the love! Encourage all to do the same by rocking a SandiLake tee or tank! We have created a few outfits here for you and your littles. Links to the pieces are in the description! Thank you for being you!


Shirt: SandiLake Clothing. Pants: Barneys. Shoes: Lydia Flat. Bag: Madewell. Hat: Brixton. Glasses: Ray-Ban. Lipstick: Mac.


Baby- Onesie: SandiLake Clothing. Shorts: Tucker + Tate. Headband: Baby Bling. Socks: Woolen Fashion. Shoes: Freshly Picked. Kids- Tank Top: SandiLake Clothing. Shorts: Volcom. Sunglasses: Fantas Eyes. Backpack: Herschel.

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