We are a couple of mamas who are beyond blessed to stay at home with our kiddos everyday, but our hearts desired to do something more for our families other than the daily household chores. We are both intrigued by fashion and dressing our littles in a way that mimics our own wardrobes – simple, yet makes a statement. One awesome play-date, we talked about how hard it is to find clothes we liked for our kids and that if we were in charge, we’d make hip clothing that moms would want to buy! Next thing we know, we’re buying a screen press and purchasing a ton of fabric!

SandiLake comes from the combination of our sandy blonde kids and the blending of our last names “Lay” + “Kelley”  Clever, right?  We thought so too!

 Photo May 05, 12 30 52 PM


Photo May 05, 12 32 20 PM Photo May 05, 12 31 24 PM 

Meet Mel (LEFT): Wife to Dan of nearly 5 years, and Mom to two rad little girls: Scout (2 1/2 yrs old) and Penny (9 months old). Mel does all the designs and screen printing you see in the shop. She loves spending time with her littles and tries to instill adventure + fun into every aspect of life. She loves Jesus and puts a ton of love into each shirt she hand presses in her home.

Meet Gwenie (RIGHT): Wife to Jordan for nearly 4 years, and Momma to two awesome little boys: Jonah (nearly 3 yrs old) and Sailor (almost 10 months old). Gwenie is the seamstress of the team, and sews on every pocket sold in our shop. She also puts in the hours at the local fabric shop picking out each design and texture. Gwenie’s about as adventurous as it gets and loves serving Jesus through taking care of her men.


3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. You guys are awesome!! You are living my dream. Love your stuff and so glad you make things for mommas, too!! Also love the PNW connection I have family in Portland and my fiance is a Trailblazer fan so we (or he mostly now that we have a baby! 🙂 go down for games from time to time!

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